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Adrianna Smallwood, Registered Dietitian


Hey there!

We just wanted to update everyone because emails have been coming through and we are so excited to work with you!

Our Dietitian is currently on Maternity leave until January 2021 when she will be accepting new clients.

Thank you so much for the support.


Thanks so much for checking out my page!

I’d like to introduce myself to you all, Adrianna Smallwood, RD here, it’s nice to meet you. I’m a Registered Dietitian at Newfound Balance. What does this mean exactly? It means I’m registered with a regulatory body that holds me responsible for the type of care that I give to you when you seek me out for counseling and nutrition information. This regulatory body is so wonderful and every year they ensure that I have obtained a certain amount of education credits and hold enough practice hours to keep my licence. And I can tell you…that part is easy! The draw of this field was that I would be constantly learning and evolving to help you!

I was so lucky to complete my first degree in Biochemistry at MUN, here in Newfoundland. My studies then took me to Nova Scotia to get a second degree in Nutrition, after which I moved right back home to complete a 1 year internship with Eastern Health…which just so happens to be where I work outside of Newfound Balance as a Clinical Dietitian.

Currently I wear a few different hats because I love this field so much. Aside from my work with Eastern Health, I sit on the Executive Board for the local, St. John’s Chapter of the Celiac Association, as well as the National Professional Advisory Council. I am also super proud to report as of August 2020, I joined Nutrition Plus, a Group of Dietitians who specialize in Fertility and Early Life Nutrition. This has led me to focus on family and nutrition but I do see lots of clients with Celiac among other things! Lastly, I think my exciting position is as a Regional Media Spokesperson for Dietitians Of Canada and our local Dietitians of Newfoundland Action group. It’s through this work I get to talk on the radio, news, to magazines and newspapers…this gets the word out about Nutrition and Heath to so many more people than I could ever think to reach one on one.

At the end of the day, I’m a mom and someone with Celiac, so my passion is creating meal options that are healthy and delicious. My philosophy, while trying to maintain a healthy, gluten-free diet, is to enjoy everything in moderation (there are too many foods out there to refrain from ever trying them)! Healthy living and healthy eating means consuming foods that satisfy all our needs, whether it’s for subsistence or for pleasure.

How we can help you

I meet with you one on one or in a group to develop goals and a meal plan specific to your needs or the needs of your whole family. This meal plan will consist of real whole foods that satisfy your every need from taste, to nourishment! Newfound Balance believes in the Holistic approach when it comes to your body!

That’s not all! There’s a ton of other things we can help you with! Including:

  • Tips and healthy recipes to help you plan, shop for and cook healthy meals for you and your family
  • Information to help you interpret food labels, the latest food trends and diets
  • Support to improve the relationship you have with food
  • A customized meal plan to help you:
    • Get the most from your workouts
    • Prevent and manage chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and kidney disease
  • Individualized counseling for young “picky eaters” and active teenagers
  • Advice on whether you need a vitamin or mineral supplement based on your health needs

Apart from meal and diet advice and prepping, Newfound Balance can help individuals with a variety of health concerns they may be struggling with; such as:

  • Fertility, Pregnancy and Early life nutrition
  • Chronic disease management (pre-diabetes, diabetes, kidney, cancer, osteoporosis, etc)
  • Heart Health (high cholesterol and or high blood pressure)
  • GI Disorders/Diseases (IBS,IBD, Celiac, Crohn’s, Colitis)
  • Low Iron or other deficiencies
  • Food allergies/intolerances
  • General healthy eating tips
  • Vegan/Vegetarian/Plant Based diets and optimal nutrition