Sports Nutrition

I have known Adrianna for a long time, when I learned she was a dietitian I reached out to her for some tips on weight loss for an upcoming martial arts tournament.

My situation felt like it would be a tricky one because I was cutting weight but also trying to gain strength. so I needed a plan that would keep my energy levels up, gain endurance and strength, burn fat, but also not to gain much muscle mass to put me above my target weight class. I didn’t know where to start and was originally nervous about reaching out to a dietitian because I thought I would be heavily restricted in what I could and could not eat

 However Adrianna came up with a great plan and a lot of creative solutions which made me comfortable. I really did not feel like I was deprived in any way.  My program was personalized to me which met all the necessary criteria. The information was presented in a very easy way to understand; she also took the time to answer all of my questions and did so in a prompt and friendly manner.

I feel that if you follow the plan that is laid forth no matter what your situation is you will see results. I would recommend Adrianna and NewFound Balance Nutrition to anyone.



For someone that has struggled with their weight for a very long time, the advice that stuck with me the most over the years of consulting with Adrianna was eating in moderation and portion control. I always had the misconception that a “diet” was when you gave up eating the foods you like and suffer through a low calories diet, which never worked for me, resulting in the “yo-yo”  weight gain/loss effect. Once I started adopting a full time diet and incorporating eating in, moderation, all the foods I loved and wanted to eat was when I started seeing results and quickly. I now maintain a healthy weight and continue to use the advice that was given to my by Adrianna