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Our Newest Workshop:
Healthy Beginnings

A Five (with an additional Sixth week to be announced) week program that incorporates so many of the things you need to know as a new mommy (or daddy).

Course Breakdown

Week 1: March 21, 2-4 pm

Join Adrianna and learn about Postnatal Nutrition and Meal Planning. How to prepare quick, healthy meals that keep you energized for late nights and long days plus help you get your pre-baby body back! Demos, one week sample meal plan and recipes included.

Easter break

Week 2: April 11, 2-4 pm

Join Jillian, aka “The Sleep Momma” for a conversation + Q&A about proper sleep nutrition and the 5 keys to success. As well as strategies to remedy your child’s sleep challenges.

Week 3: April 21, 2-4 pm

Join Alison as she helps New Moms get both their body and mind back in shape. All activities include baby friendly activities so bring them along!

Week 4: April 25, 2-4 pm

Join Ashlee as she discusses Speech and Language Development, communication milestones, and how you can help encourage early development. Lots of activities to be provided!

Week 5: May 2, 2-4 pm

You’re back with Adrianna talking about Baby Led Weaning, a new yet old concept that explores introduction to solids using baby’s developmental skills bypassing the spoon and letting them feed themselves whole foods.

Program Fees:

Early Bird Deadline February 28th: $195

Regular Fee: $200

Drop-in Fee per Session: $40

Our team is made up of experienced Professionals in each of their specific fields, and what’s best…they’re all mom’s too! Meet the team:

Adrianna Smallwood has an expansive background in food chemistry and Dietetics. She graduated Acadia University with an undergrad in Nutrition, after completing a Biochemistry degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Following the conclusion of these programs she completed her one year Dietetic Internship with Eastern Health.

Currently Adrianna sits on the Executive Board for the local Chapter of the Celiac Association, as well as the National Professional Advisory Council. She is also part of The Baby Led Weaning Network which has expanded to 100 Dietitians this year and practices as a Media Representative for Dietitians Of Canada. As a New mom and someone with Celiac herself, her passion is creating meal options that are healthy and delicious. Adrianna’s philosophy, while trying to maintain a healthy, gluten-free diet is to enjoy everything in moderation (there are too many a foods out there to refrain from ever trying them)! Healthy living and healthy eating means consuming foods that satisfy all our needs, whether it’s for subsistence or for pleasure.


Allison Power is a certified personal trainer and pre and postnatal fitness specialist who has a wide range of experience helping people become empowered with their health and fitness. She has worked with with municipal community recreation, health promotion for the Canadian Forces, as well group fitness and personal training. She is high energy, friendly and passionate about helping others be active! A fun fact about Allison is that she loves silly jokes. The lamer the better!



Ashlee St. Croix received a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Psychology from Memorial University. It was during this time she realized her passion for Speech Language Pathology. Ashlee completed her Masters of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology from Dalhousie University in 2010 and passed her Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology certification exam. Since that time, Ashlee has worked for Eastern Health at the various city hospitals, long-term care, and is currently working in the private sector. She is registered with the Newfoundland and Labrador Council of Health Professionals (NLCHP) and a member of Speech Pathology and Audiology Canada (SAC). Ashlee has two young children of her own, 4 years and 2 years. She is thrilled to be joining this seminar to meet, educate, and have fun with lots of great families.


Jillian Nash is an FSI Certified Sleep Consultant, and the face behind The Sleep Momma; helping families sleep through the night. Again. Jillian is a mom, and knows just how exhausting and overwhelming sleep challenges can be. She has seen first hand the difference a good night’s sleep and proper naps can make to a child’s well-being, and to an entire families happiness! Jillian believes that when a child has proper sleep nutrition; meaning both the right amount and quality of sleep, parents can rest assured that their children will be healthier and happier. Jillian received one-on-one instruction from Family Sleep Pioneer and Founder, Deborah Pedrick. Her education includes more than 70+ hours of training and she attends continuing education classes/seminars regularly. The Sleep Momma has helped hundreds of families all over Canada and The United States sleep through the night again with comprehensive programs customized to reflect YOUR child, YOUR personal parenting philosophy as well as YOUR sleep goals, taking the guess work out of sleep!

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