Upcoming Workshops

Baby Led Weaning- $35

September 8th,  2-4 pm

A Baby Led Weaning Approach to offering solids.

In this workshop we discuss:

  • When baby is ready to start solids and what signs to look for
  • Which foods to start with
  • How to prepare and offer foods to baby
  • Introducing common allergens and more


Mini recipe book and access to our private Facebook support group

Plant Based Eating for Beginners- $35

August 22nd, 7-8:30 pm

This One and a Half Hour Workshop includes:

  • Samples
  • Recipes
  • 1 week Meal Plan

Plant Based Diets Can:
✔ Help maintain a healthy weight and even promote weight loss!
✔ Prevent and manage heart disease
✔ Prevent and manage high cholesterol
✔ Prevent and manage diabetes


This One and a Half Hour Workshop ALSO includes:

  • A meal plan and 6 week guide
  • Recipes
  • 1 individual appointment for reintroduction phase
  • Online support throughout program

The phases of the Low FODMAP diet? (according to the Monash University)

Should be commenced under supervision of a dietitian

  • 2-6 weeks only

Re-challenge phase

  • Food challenges completed under the guidance of a dietitian
  • 6-8 week process
  • Adapted diet
  • Interpret food challenge results with a dietitian.
  • Repeat challenges with poorly tolerated foods.

Reintroduce restricted food based on symptom response

  • only restrict foods and FODMAPs that trigger symptoms.

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